— Lightweight blog engine for Node.

—— About

LooseLeaf is CMS for blog site run on node.js and express.
It's very simple (no-database, JSON based) and easy-to-use "like a JavaScript".

—— Requirement

And some dependent libraries.

—— Getting Started

Only 3 commands.

$ npm install -g looseleaf
$ looseleaf yourblog
$ node yourblog/app.js
"yourblog" server listening on port 3000

Default password is "admin/pass".
For security, please change it after login.

—— Demo

—— Powered by LooseLeaf.JS

—— Features

Lightweight & Easy-to-use.

If you love previous design (Trackback, Category...), plese use v0.3.
I'll continue supporting v0.3.

—— Configure

Edit "yourblog/config.json" and Restart app.js.

—— Source Code

LooseLeaf - GitHub
Licensed under the MIT License.

—— Contact

Fork me on GitHub